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Picture Pop-up

Every once in a while when I sit down at the computer I will get a reminder of pictures from the past. I usually ignore them because the dates are frequently inaccurate. Some fun ones popped up today. While the dates were not accurate, they were all taken in a similar timeframe, and they were all from ten years ago.

There is something about ten years that piques my interest. Life changes so much in that span of time, but you really don’t notice it until you look back at pictures or events.

Every year Peggy and I go to Colorado during the summer. With everything that happened in Baton Rouge this summer I really did not write anything about the annual trip. So it was interesting today when pictures from our Colorado trip in 2006 showed up today.

That was a great trip. Mike was about to be a senior in high school, so we really weren’t sure if it would be the last time he made the trip with us. We did all of our favorite things with a little extra vigor for that reason.

When Mike would go with us we would spend a day in Breckenridge to ride the Alpine Slide and ride the lift up to the top of Peak 8. We would stay longer in Vail because he wanted to see every single knife in every single shop to determine if he wanted to add to his collection. We spent more time in Copper Mountain to see what cool new stuff they had added to their summer recreation portfolio.

But mostly we spent time as a family with a boy who seemed to genuinely enjoy the company of his parents.

He is married now and working hard to get ahead on his own. Someday he will bring his own family along when we go to Colorado. But we will always have memories of taking him with us and enjoying family time on vacation.

Back porchin’ it
Sapphire Point
Annual downhill bike ride is still annual
Head shot we took as soon as we got back from vacation. My company needed a professional picture for one of those website things…

God’s Showing Off

Another Saturday night in Tiger Stadium, another beautiful evening. It’s September so the game begins in the daylight. This is what sunset looked like during the game tonight.

You can tell it’s almost halftime because the band is not in the stands

It was hot today, but the air cooled when the sun started going down. Once the stands on the west side start to block the sun everything changes in the stadium. After a hot day of tailgating it was so nice to feel it cool down just a little, especially without raining.

Tonight was the annual “Gold Game.” The team even wore gold jerseys for the first time in about twenty years. But God nailed the real gold as the sun was going down.

I love this place, and I am so happy my Texas bride has adopted it as her own. I think she enjoys coming to the games every bit as much as I do. We have been in the same seats so long that we know all of the people around us. It is a very friendly atmosphere — as long as you are wearing the right colors.

Tonight the Tigers held on and won the game. It wasn’t pretty but it counts.

What was pretty was that sunset. And the girl enjoying it with me.

It’s hard to imagine it can get better than this…

Gold Game

Here we go again…

It never rains on Saturday night in Tiger Stadium.

I’ve been going to LSU games since 1966, and needless to say I have seen several times when the mantra proved to be, perhaps, a smidgen less than 100% accurate. In fact, last year’s season opening game was cancelled due to weather. Last night it certainly appeared the 2016 season was getting off to the same start. Funny, when Dan Borne’ says the words “chance of rain” the crowd still yells “Never!” Even in a deluge.

Such is the power of myth.

After a disappointing loss in Lambeau Field last weekend, we really needed for this game to be played. Safety is of utmost importance, but playing football is of most utmost importance.

After this summer’s gigantic flood I have decided rain does not get to win. The weather delayed the start but did not prevail. Apparently God wanted to see his favorite team play some football!

Geaux Tigers!

The rain just ended
A little later, a little dryer.