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Home Away from Home

I had a very pleasant surprise as Peggy came back this weekend to spend one more celebratory, stress-free weekend before we move next week. With the pending move I expected her to stay in Katy, but since everything is taken care of except the move she came to relax a little instead.

We got up early and went to the apartment to make sure all the floor work is done and the apartment has been cleaned. We both signed all of the lease paperwork. That completes everything we have to do on this end before we can move in.

We got done early and had time to get in the pool before watching the highly-entertaining LSU-Georgia football game. LSU lost 44-41, but what an exciting game. We were so excited we went back to the pool after the game.

We really are excited about the move. We haven’t had to deal with a move in more than ten years, but we are ready to get it going. And I am ready to have her here with me for more than just weekends.

Since we got the apartment stuff done on Saturday we were able to just hang out on Sunday and enjoy our final weekend in my home away from home. I’ll be going home next weekend and then the movers will be coming on Monday. It really has been a blessing to have a place we enjoy so much as my temporary home. I’m ready for something a little more permanent, though.

And now we will live close enough to come out here anytime we want.

At the pool. It’s a little cooler this weekend…

A Place to Live

Peggy had to go to Dallas this week, so she came to Austin on her way back south so we can find a place to live.

We have found our new home. It is a two-bedroom apartment in a beautiful property right on the Colorado River that looks out over a nature preserve. It is much smaller than our house, but that’s the point. What we realized is that it’s exactly the same size as the downstairs in our house in Katy. Since we never go upstairs we shouldn’t miss the square footage…

Even more importantly, since Peggy came from Dallas she realized how much shorter her drives to see her mother are going to be once we move here for real. She knew Austin was closer to Dallas, but it really had not occurred to her how much easier the drive will be.

I will go put down a deposit this week and we will begin the process of moving in a couple of weeks. We are changing the floors in the apartment to hardwoods, so the management company asked for two weeks to get the floors done and get the apartment cleaned and ready for us.

That works out perfectly because we have accepted an offer on our house and the buyer wants to close on October 9! Very exciting stuff. Closing so quickly would not have been possible if we were trying to buy a house in Austin, but moving into an apartment makes is easier to get out quickly.

So, we are hanging out at the lake and doing a little celebrating. This is a great place to celebrate.

Peggy will head back to Katy tonight. I will miss her, but it is a lot easier knowing that she will be back for keeps in just a couple of weeks. It’s getting real!

Peggy and Mary at dinner
Lunch in a restaurant close to where we are going to live

Temporary Home

Peggy loves sunsets.

I have been working in Austin for a few weeks now, and we have begun the process of selling the house. Peggy will move over here as soon as it is done. This is now the second time I have done this to her. When we left Dallas in 1994 I had to be in San Antonio in September; Peggy and Mike didn’t get to move with me until late December. We are finishing up the work on the house this weekend and planning to put it on the marketĀ as quickly as possible. It is a good time to be selling a house in Katy, so I really don’t think it will take that long this time. At least I hope…

Now we have to find a place to live in Austin. We have made the decision to downsize and not buy another house. We are already in the process of getting rid of a majority of our possessions for the move. Mike is going to come from Baton Rouge and get the things he wants to keep, but we are serious about this.

Fortunately, Austin seems to have some really interesting options in terms of apartments that are large enough without being too big. Peggy came to Austin this weekend and we visited some of them, and we will be making a decision soon. I think everything will feel real when we have signed a lease. Until then I am living in a temporary home.

I wrote earlier about last summer and how Peggy and I rented a condo for the summer on Lake Travis. Well, a friend of ours bought two condos at the same place, and I am renting one of them from him until we move into our apartment. It is a pretty long haul to the office each day, but it is worth it to be at a place that we love. And when Peggy comes to visit we already have a place to stay.

I like my office and I like my staff. Good thing since they are the only people I know here. But each night I come back to the condo, get in the pool for a little while, and then sit on the back porch to relax. After sixteen years commuting in Houston traffic I do not want to live out here full time, but as a temporary solution it is pretty hard to beat.

The book of Matthew twice says, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign!” I promise I’m not looking for one.

It doesn’t say, however, that you can’t recognize a sign when you see one. So, I’m just going to take tonight’s sunset for what it’s worth… 

Peggy loves sunsets…
…and the Blue Bonnet Cafe