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Father’s Day

Since we moved to Baton Rouge we spend every Father’s Day in Destin, Florida.

This is not a Father’s Day tradition, at least not on purpose. I attend a work event in Destin that begins on the Monday after Father’s Day and lasts most of the week, so Peggy and I go in a couple of days early and enjoy the beach before the event begins.

Peggy was not a beach person when I met her. She grew up going to the mountains for her family vacations. My family really didn’t take vacations when I was growing up because we owned a camp on a creek outside the town where my parents were raised. That was our vacation, and I loved it.

I think Peggy is enjoying the beach now. Maybe our time on the lake in Austin has impacted her opinion some. Or maybe she has just realized how good she looks in a bathing suit. Or maybe as we are getting older she is appreciating a little warmth.

It is weird being out of town on every Father’s Day, but there is one added benefit. My father lives between Baton Rouge and Destin, so we see him each time we make the trip (both coming and going). So he gets two Father’s Day visits every year.

The conference will be pretty busy through Wednesday, but tonight we got to enjoy a quiet dinner together to celebrate. We saw several people we know and said hello. But I didn’t invite anyone to join us.

Hey, it’s my Father’s Day. I’m spending it with the person I want to be with. I’ll see the other folks all week long.

Happy Father’s Day!

That girl with her head on my shoulder is who makes my Father’s Day happy

Fun at the Box

I was starting to think maybe I was bad luck.

My very first day working in Baton Rouge was June 2, 2014. LSU was playing Houston for the chance to advance to the Super Regionals in the NCAA Baseball tournament. After losing to Houston in extra innings on Sunday night, LSU still had the opportunity to win on Monday night to advance. Since it was my first day with the company we decided to go to the game that night and pull the Tigers to victory.

Not so fast, my friend…

After scoring the first two runs of the game in the first inning, LSU gave up the next twelve runs to lose the game and the Regional Championship to Houston.

The Tigers put my fears to rest last year by sweeping through both the Regional and the Super Regional to advance to the College World Series.

Last night, though, LSU had the chance to sweep Rice out of the Regional and gave up another lead to force a game today. I had been bad luck against Houston; was I bad luck against Rice, too (presumably because they are also from Houston)? These are the kinds of thoughts that go through your head when bad things are happening on a baseball field. I am not superstitious in other areas of life — it’s bad luck — but after spending so many years on a baseball field it is just a fact of life.

The Tigers put it to bed tonight, and we got to celebrate it with some of our great friends. There is no place like Alex Box Stadium to watch a college baseball game. The atmosphere was outstanding.

LSU won. I am not bad luck. I can live to watch another game.

Geaux Tigers!

Beautiful times at Alex Box