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It’s been pretty cold this week. I’m back to wearing pants now, but my toes have really been cold. The cast is too big to fit a sock over.

I asked Peggy to try to find something that will fit over my toes without being too tight. My piggies need room to flex.

She went to a sporting goods store and came up with a very creative solution.

My stylish foot cap

If you watch football, it is an UnderArmour cap that many players wear under their helmets, but it is a “youth” size. It fits over the end of the cast perfectly, and then the non-walking walking shoe holds it neatly in place.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Peggy is creative. She is an actress, singer, dance instructor and personal trainer, all of which require enormous amounts of creativity to do well. But this creative solution tickles me for some reason.

Necessity is the mother of invention. I think Peggy was afraid I was going to ask her to start driving me again…

Foot on the ground!

My surgeon explains things in a way I can understand. Unexpected, especially for an Ivy League punk. I like that about her.

Today I got the first cast removed. Today is the end of four weeks without being able to put my foot on the ground. She said “IF”, so I have not put my foot on the ground since about 7:00 am on December 20, 2016.

They put another cast on today, and they gave me a “walking shoe.” This is where the explanation comes in. It’s not really a walking shoe, it’s a peeing shoe.

That is the only time I am allowed to put my foot on the ground. That’s all the weight she wants it to bear for the next two weeks.

I asked if I can put it on the ground to get out of the car. Nope. But I can drive. I’m not sure how I am going to get the scooter out of the car without putting a foot on the ground, but I will figure it out. Peggy has got to be tired of taking me everywhere.

To be honest, it doesn’t look a whole lot different than it did two weeks ago, so I just have to take her word for it. I’ve waited four weeks, so two more ain’t gonna kill me.

As long as I can drive.

Frankenstein 2. This time it’s personal.

I’m not wearing pants

It’s a dream that virtually everyone has. You show up for some important event — wedding, final exam, big speech, whatever — and you realize you’re not wearing pants.

I’m living it. And it’s not too bad.

I called the CEO before I came back to work and asked her if it was OK if I wear shorts to work for a couple of weeks since I really don’t want to cut the legs of my slacks. She said it was fine with her, so I’m back at work today. And I’m not wearing pants.

I bet I have said that at least twenty times today. The phone rings, someone asks if I have a minute to talk to them. I tell them, “Come on up, but I’m not wearing pants.” Not “Hey, I’m in shorts today” but “I’m not wearing pants.” I’m cracking myself up.

As liberating and fun as it sounds to not wear pants, the challenge is that outside it is January. Louisiana is a wonderfully temperate place to live, but it was 36 degrees when we left the house this morning. The rest of the week is supposed to be warmer, but lows will still be in the 40s. For this reason I asked Peggy to go find me a pair of gray or black sweatpants that don’t look too tacky. I may have to trade my liberation for warmth for a couple of days.

But I will lose my tagline…

A big day

We had a wonderful holiday season with family in the house. It was really great of them to come and visit since I couldn’t go anywhere. Once LSU whipped Lamar Jackson and Louisville in the Citrus Bowl on New Year’s Eve people started heading back to their own homes.

Today is a big day.

We went back to the doctor today for the first time since the surgery. Got the news that everything looks good so far. The surgical bandages have all been removed — kinda gross — and replaced with a cast.

Here’s what it looks like now. You can still see some Sharpie…

I still can’t put my foot on the ground, but I don’t have to keep it above my heart any longer, which means I can return to work. I’ve worked half-days from the recliner for the past week, but now I can actually return to the office. Of course, I can’t drive so poor Peggy has to take me and pick me up each day. She’s amazing. And probably ready to get me out of the house.

I’m excited to go back and see everyone. It’s a lot easier to harass people in person. Plus, all of the meetings will have to be in my office, and that is a tremendous home court advantage.

The real deliverance will occur when I can bear weight again, but in the immortal words of Bill Murray in “What About Bob?” — baby steps. Until I can take real steps, I’ll take it.

My toes are pretty excited to be free

What a year!

The whole family came for Christmas since we couldn’t travel. It was a blast, but I’d rather not have to repeat the reason!

That kind of speaks for the entirety of 2016. It was a blast, but there are a bunch of things in there I really don’t want to repeat.

What I do want to repeat is the travel! We took separate trips to Point Clear, AL; Destin, FL; Texas City, TX; Lake Travis and Waco, TX; Colorado Springs; Lake Louise and Banff, Canada; Keystone, CO; Denver; and Las Vegas. And that doesn’t even count our travels within Louisiana and Mississippi.

We lost Peggy’s Mama and we found a new church. Those two things are related.

Peggy worked with some amazingly talented people on several movie and television projects. Some of them have even aired already. It’s just a little weird seeing your wife on a television show you’re watching, but it’s pretty cool.

Our city endured racial unrest and violence followed by a devastating flood. Watching people come together to combat both events was amazing, but the pain of the year will last well into the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, did I mention the travel? Some of it is work-related and I do not spend a lot of time blogging about work, but the travel is one of the real perks of my job. Especially because Peggy usually gets to go with me.

Who knows what 2017 will bring? Well, we know it will bring ankle rehab, but what else?

I’m looking forward to finding out. Happy New Year everybody!

One of my friends sent an awesome care package with all the essentials: LSU shirt, chips, salsa, tequila, magazines, and even a Baylor cup for Peggy!