Come back to the Island

This place is just awesome.

Every time we come we kind of forget how great it is. You walk down to the pool with the incredible views of the lake and the cliffs on the other side and you can actually feel the stress begin to leave your body. There are no restaurants on the island, so you either need to plan to cook or leave for meals. If not for that we would probably never get dressed for anything other than the water…

Today is chill day. We hung out at the pool until we got hungry, then we went to a very unique restaurant in Point Venture. The restaurant has had at least three names in the years we have been visiting, and is currently known as the Gnarly Gar. It floats on a barge in the lake. When the lake is low it is quite a hike from the parking lot to get to where the restaurant is floating, but it is always worth it.

You sit outside and eat in the breeze. The food is good and the drinks are cold, and most of the people who arrive are still in swim attire. It is appropriate as many of them arrive by boat and dock at the pier (which is one of the former names of the restaurant, by the way).

If you stay until evening there is frequently live music, but we try to be back to the Island before sunset. It’s kind of a ritual for us here.

I may or may not post something tomorrow. Chill, you know…

Gnarly Gar. It won’t be the last time…

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