It’s Biblical

You should be aware that the apostle Paul wrote to his protege’ Timothy and instructed him, “Stop drinking only water, but use a little wine for your stomach because of your frequent illnesses.” It was pretty cool of Paul to not only give us permission but to also write it in English so we can all understand.

Right up the road from the Island is a wonderful Texas winery called Flat Creek. Each time we come to the Island we usually make the drive once to taste what’s new and see how things are going. When we lived in Texas we were part of their club, but they do not ship to Louisiana. If we want wine from them now we have to buy it and tote it home.

The tastings here are a terrific experience, and there is also an excellent restaurant on the premises. If you ever have the opportunity to visit you should do it. You can tell them I sent you, but they have no idea who I am.

It is a great way to spend an afternoon. And it leads to a great way to spend an evening. And it’s what God wants you to do. Paul said so.


The restaurant at Flat Creek
Outside on the grounds

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