Magnolia or bust


I have a feeling most people never heard that word until a little TV show called “Fixer Upper.”

My Texas girl went to college here. We lived here for the first year after we were married while she finished school and I worked as a youth minister at a small church.

Today I did something I can honestly say I never thought I would do. I left the Island to drive to Waco. Because Chip and Joanna.

Who are these people and what have they done to my wife?! It was interesting when the show came on and we knew some of the couples. It was cool when they worked with an old friend of ours making furniture for them. We got sucked in like the rest of ‘Merica.

It’s basically a hundred miles up to Waco from the lake, so we made the trip. I have to admit, it was pretty great to see what they have accomplished, and Waco looks a whole lot better than when we lived there thirty years ago. I also can’t believe they bought those rusty old silos and didn’t clean them up, but that is another topic altogether…

We made the pilgrimage. We made our offering at the altar and left with a hat and a t-shirt. The Baylor girl left happy.

And we still got to go back to the Island.

Baylor girl returns
Chip and JoJo got it going on

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