This Place is Gorgeous

When we came to Austin we made the decision to downsize and find a really nice apartment to live in. We spent a lot of time searching. For some reason there are apartment owners who do not want to lease to people with multiple pets. Having a dog and two cats eliminated about 75% of the potential places to live.

Once you narrow the search down to places that will take pets, it gets easier to figure it out. This place has been perfect. It backs up to a nature preserve and sits right on the Colorado River. Our back deck overlooks the nature preserve. We sit out on the deck and watch the wildlife moving along the fence line. The funniest thing is watching the turkeys scale the fence and come take a walk on our side. Not particularly graceful, but always enjoyable viewing.

We moved in to our apartment in October, and the weather cooled much quicker than normal. This weekend in Austin has just been beautiful. After hiking and sightseeing yesterday, it got warm enough after our walk to go down to the pool for the first time. We have utilized the hot tub on a few occasions, but this was our first foray into the pool.

It was delightful. The water is still cool so it is a very refreshing change from the nearly ninety degree air temperature. It’s a little too cool for Peggy so she mostly just gets in up to her knees. Of course, that is also true for most of the summer, too.

We have really enjoyed it here. The management company has been very accommodating. We are pretty sure we have a very high-priced call girl living upstairs from us, but other than stiletto heels at weird hours of the night we have not been disturbed by her trade. The property is perfect for dogs, and Peggy and Allie love to walk down to the river. The cats have even adjusted to mostly just being out on the back deck, though Sandy does enjoy going for walkabouts on the roof line.

If we move to Baton Rouge we know we are not going to find anything like this. It’s just another thing to consider as we move through these next couple of weeks. This place is fantastic.

We’re going to enjoy it while we can.

We really do live in a beautiful place
Trying to coerce her into the water with me

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