Not the Plan

Well, that sucked.

Saturday was great. We got to Tampa and had a great evening with Don. Talked about everything that has happened since we were together in July. Got the tickets to the game. Good times.

We got up this morning and the weather was perfect. Hung out with Don. Went to lunch. Then he had responsibilities so we headed out.

Our first stop after lunch was at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Why, you ask? Well, today’s beautiful weather in Tampa is not going to be continued in Orlando tomorrow. A very large, wet cold front is expected to blow in tonight, and Peggy and I did not bring any wet weather gear on the trip. We stopped at Dick’s and got Peggy a rain suit and me a rain jacket for tomorrow’s game before proceeding to the Bucs’ stadium.

Raymond James Stadium is a beautiful place to watch a ballgame. It is much smaller than Tiger Stadium, and there are no bad seats in the house. Our seats were on the home side in the corner of the end zone; a great vantage point to watch the Saints whip the Bucs and claim their first South Division championship since 2011.

Not so fast, my friend.

After leading for much of the game, the Saints gave up a bomb for a touchdown with :09 left in the game to lose the football game. They should have also lost the NFC South championship, but fortunately Atlanta beat Carolina and the Saints got the division title. That was not the way you want to win a championship, but you takes what you can gets.

After the game we drove to Orlando. It is only about ninety miles across the state, but as soon as we got in the car the rains began. It rains in Florida like it rains in Louisiana, so we were comfortable driving in it. What was not comfortable, though, was the thirty degree drop in temperature. Sunshine state, my a$$…

We made the executive decision to order dinner in the hotel instead of going back out in the rain. There have been Disney fireworks to greet the New Year. We will watch the ball drop in a few minutes. Then we will go to bed.

It was great seeing Don, and it was a beautiful day for a football game. Now we have to get ourselves prepared for the big game tomorrow.

Hopefully, we will be better luck to the Tigers than we were to the Saints!

It was a great visit with Don…
…and a beautiful day at the stadium, even if the wrong team won.

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