White Christmas

I surprised Peggy with tickets to see “White Christmas” in New Orleans, so we stayed in the city tonight and will attend the play tomorrow. We love coming to New Orleans for a night every now and then, and plays give us a perfect opportunity to do that. “White Christmas” is one of Peggy’s all-time favorite movies, so I am counting on the fact that the play will be just as good. And she needs a break from the stress I have created for her with the upcoming move!

We had our own version of a white Christmas a few weeks ago, but the weather has returned to normal. We were comfortable walking around the city tonight. We had dinner at the Palace Café then went to the different hotels to see how they were decorated for Christmas. Each hotel has its own personality and the decorations are completely different at each.

The Roosevelt Hotel is famous for its decorations and they are stunning each year. We actually preferred the Ritz Carlton’s decorations this year. It’s like choosing your favorite dessert at a five-star restaurant — you’re going to enjoy whatever you get!

Tomorrow we will get up and have breakfast and stroll around the city until it is time for the play. We love to stay at the same hotel on Canal Boulevard that is convenient to the theater and to the French Quarter, and we much prefer visiting the Quarter in the daylight. We will likely walk to the Café du Monde and see what is going on there, as well.

It is her trip, so we will do whatever she wants to do. And then we will go to the play.

I hope it’s as good as the movie!

Some of the decorations in the lobby of the Ritz

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