Giving Thanks

Peggy and I have so much that we are thankful for. Though our lives are in a bit of a state of flux as we wait to sell our house in Baton Rouge, both of us are healthy, happy and grandparents!

I got home on Wednesday afternoon in time to help with preparation for Thanksgiving Day with the kids. They came to our house to have Thanksgiving lunch with us before going to spend the weekend with Caitie’s family. We are fine with sharing the holidays with her family, and it usually works to our advantage.

For instance, today after we ate we went out in the backyard to take pictures for their family Christmas card. It was a challenge getting a picture where the adults were smiling and the baby was looking in the general direction of the camera. This is the eternal challenge of trying to get any picture with a three-month-old. We had plenty of successful shots. I’ll share this one since they aren’t going to use it for their card:

She’s almost smiling, too — you have no idea what I was doing behind the camera to catch her attention…

We had a wonderful day with the family. Then, on Friday, Peggy and I went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. We have always had to drive across town to eat at this restaurant, but this fall they opened a second location in our neighborhood. You know, just as we are about to move. Classic timing. We have known it was coming for a year, but it took them forever to build and open. We’ll just enjoy it while we can.

If our house takes a long time to sell we will enjoy it for a while. We went out today because there are several showings scheduled at our house this weekend. Since it is a holiday a lot of people are taking advantage of the time off to hunt for a home. We try to make it a point to get away and do something we enjoy while the house is showing. We don’t want to think too much about it — we know the move is coming, but this is just a time to be together and enjoy our blessings.

Dinner at Superior. And it was.

That’s our motto: Enjoy where we are and be thankful for everything we have.

It’s a good way to live life.

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