Happy Birthday

I have written before that we have a family tradition of not celebrating birthdays and anniversaries on the actual date. It is a tradition born out of necessity. We’re better at getting the dates right now, but sometimes…

Thursday was my 55th birthday, but I was in San Antonio on Thursday. So we celebrated this weekend. By telling the kids we are moving to San Antonio.

They left the baby with us and embarked on a Bonnie and Clyde spree across South Louisiana. OK, none of that is true. Well, they did leave the baby with us.

LSU played Auburn on Saturday. One of those days that makes you proud to be a college football fan. One of the largest comebacks in LSU history against an opponent ranked number 10 in the country. On an absolutely gorgeous day. Perfect way to celebrate a birthday, even if it was actually on my sister’s birthday.

On Sunday the kids stopped by to tell me “happy birthday”. We told them we are moving. They had come to town to attend a party, so they really did leave the baby with us. We took her out to dinner with us to show her off.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I will be home for a couple of extra days. We have some things we want to do to the house before we list it. But tonight we just went to dinner at our favorite place and took our granddaughter with us.

I don’t know how many opportunities we are going to have to do this sort of thing. I just know that it was a perfect way to celebrate three days after my birthday.

Showing her off at Superior Grill

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