Full Circle

Life is funny. My family moved away from New Orleans more than fifty years ago. Since then I have lived in Baton Rouge, Jackson, back to the New Orleans area (Slidell), Dallas, Baton Rouge, Waco, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston (Katy), Austin and Baton Rouge.

Today my first grandchild was born in the same hospital where I was born nearly 55 years ago. Full circle.

My daughter-in-law is a stud. She was in labor for well over twenty-four hours before she delivered.

Before she delivered my granddaughter. She’s perfect, Caitie and Mike are both doing well, and we are headed back to Baton Rouge. I have been awake since yesterday morning, so I am ready to get home. But I am doing OK, because I am now a grandfather.

There will be more to tell, and we are still worried about our friends that are dealing with Harvey. Right now, though, we are going home and going to bed.

As grandparents.

Aren’t they both beautiful?
I put the sleeper on her. My specialty…

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