A big day

We had a wonderful holiday season with family in the house. It was really great of them to come and visit since I couldn’t go anywhere. Once LSU whipped Lamar Jackson and Louisville in the Citrus Bowl on New Year’s Eve people started heading back to their own homes.

Today is a big day.

We went back to the doctor today for the first time since the surgery. Got the news that everything looks good so far. The surgical bandages have all been removed — kinda gross — and replaced with a cast.

Here’s what it looks like now. You can still see some Sharpie…

I still can’t put my foot on the ground, but I don’t have to keep it above my heart any longer, which means I can return to work. I’ve worked half-days from the recliner for the past week, but now I can actually return to the office. Of course, I can’t drive so poor Peggy has to take me and pick me up each day. She’s amazing. And probably ready to get me out of the house.

I’m excited to go back and see everyone. It’s a lot easier to harass people in person. Plus, all of the meetings will have to be in my office, and that is a tremendous home court advantage.

The real deliverance will occur when I can bear weight again, but in the immortal words of Bill Murray in “What About Bob?” — baby steps. Until I can take real steps, I’ll take it.

My toes are pretty excited to be free

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