Working It

No one who knows me would consider me to be a workaholic.

A little background will help…

In 2005 I needed back surgery to correct a disc problem. Microsurgery, quick recovery, but still surgery with its requisite dangers and warnings. I took two days off to have the surgery on Thursday morning with the expectation of returning to work in some capacity on Monday.

After I regained consciousness post-surgery, Peggy walked into the recovery room to discover me on the telephone solving a problem for one of my employees.

I had been sedated for more than three hours. I have no memory of putting my phone under my pillow before the surgery, but when it rang I reached under my pillow and answered it. And answered Greg’s important question. Peggy was not amused.

So, when we scheduled this surgery she was very insistent that I schedule sufficient time off to be able to heal completely.

Today is two days post-surgery. I told everyone in my office to give me the rest of the week since I was going to be taking pain medication for three days — I take no responsibility for decisions made while under the influence of prescription narcotics.

So, today is December 22 and my entire family is coming to town for Christmas. Actually, my Dad came for the surgery so he is already here. Everyone else is arriving this weekend. Which means grocery shopping, or as many of the natives down here say, “making groceries.”

I was set up in my chair with everything I could possibly need for a couple of hours, so Peggy and Daddy went to the grocery store. Got all the stuff we need for the weekend. Got a few extra things just for fun. And came home to this…

The office…

Yes, it was a work call. Yes, I am under the influence of prescription narcotics. But I am also not very good at being still and I am just a little bit bored. Two days in. Out of two weeks.

The call came from the CEO, so not one of the people I had warned not to call until next week. I did give her my narcotics disclaimer, and then we talked for the next thirty minutes about a problem she needed help with.

Peggy is, again, not amused and is making noise about taking away my phone. It is currently under my pillow… 

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