Head for the Mountains

Peggy and I go to the mountains each summer, but this year we are experiencing an embarrassment of riches. Our personal and work lives coincided to give us three (almost) consecutive weeks in the high country this year.

We are currently in Colorado Springs for a work event. This is followed by a trip to Lake Louise for another work outing. Then our traditional trip to Keystone for vacation. Through nothing other than kismet the three trips are back-to-back. We left Baton Rouge on Monday and will basically be back on August 5 — we will be home for a few days in between to wash clothes and pack before we leave for vacation.

Colorado Springs is beautiful and the weather is pretty hard to beat for July, especially compared to Louisiana at this time of year. We are attending a retreat for the Board of Directors of my company, so it is a work trip. We have meetings each morning and then events with the Board in the afternoon or evening. Before I joined the company spouses did not come along on this trip. I asked if Peggy could come with us as long as I paid for her to travel, and next thing you know spouses were invited on the trip. You never get anything unless you ask.

Last night we went to a dinner at Seven Falls, and tonight we finished up with a cookout at a dude ranch. Both places were amazing and totally different. We were with great folks in a beautiful setting. This is work?

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

Girl knows how to wear a hat. Must be all that rodeo time in Houston…
Seven Falls

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