Peggy and I drove from Baton Rouge to Texas City, TX this weekend to sing with friends and celebrate Mother’s Day. Texas City is a little north of Galveston and is the heart of refinery country in Southeast Texas. Let’s just say it is probably not somewhere we would travel except for…friends.

When you’re young the concept of friends is pretty simple — you grow up together, you go to school together, live near each other, whatever. Somehow it gets more complicated when you get older, but it’s really the same idea.

We met John and Marcy when John became the Minister of Music at our church in Katy, Texas. We immediately hit it off for all the reasons friends become friends. For ten years we helped raise each other’s kids and quite literally traveled all over the world singing and worshipping together.

Life happens, but friends are friends and support each other when the junk occurs.

We had a blast this weekend. We attended a concert on Saturday where a friend of ours, a young girl who is bravely battling cancer, had the opportunity to sing with the symphony. Then we led worship with our friends in their church for Mother’s Day on Sunday morning. And we went out to lunch to celebrate with them before we left for the lake.

This much I know — the people you can count on when stuff knocks you down are the only real friends you have. I am lucky to count these folks as real friends.

And it doesn’t hurt that we laugh a lot…

Forever friends

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