First speaking role!

So, when we moved back to Louisiana my beautiful wife was looking for something to do that would not tie up her time too much and take her away from seeing her mother. We did not know it at the time, but Louisiana has become quite a hub for the entertainment industry. Peggy is a lovely lady, so it did not take long for her to begin being cast in background roles in movies and on TV. It’s not glamorous work but it is fun for her and she gets paid a little bit for doing it.

She has worked with some really big names and gotten to know some very interesting people, but she has not yet had a speaking role in a project. That all changed today!

There is a wonderful feature film being made here in Baton Rouge and Peggy has a small role in the project. The film is currently entitled “Beautifully Broken” and is the true story of the family of one of my closest friends. When they decided the US filming was going to take place in Louisiana, my friend Randy asked Peggy to be a part of the cast playing his wife’s sister. It isn’t the soda counter at Woolworth’s but it’s still pretty cool.

We spent today, Palm Sunday, filming her part in the movie and hanging out with Randy and his wife, Darla. It takes a long time for a film to be made so it probably will not come out until sometime in late 2017 or 2018, but Peggy’s first speaking role is officially in the can. You pick up the lingo when you’re on the set…

Life is funny. We buried Peggy’s Mama less than two weeks ago, and now here we are creating a life-affirming moment with dear friends to share with the world. Maybe I should say God is funny because He is the only one who could put these pieces in place.

And I’m ready for the actress to start supporting me in the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed.

Peggy and Darla on-set
What my sweetheart looked like on the screen — the camera loves her!

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